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New to private aviation? We have your back. We will help you understand what options are available, what best suits your needs, how it should be operated and what will it cost. We assist with everything form planning to purchase to management. We designed a step-by-step plan to make utilizing private aircraft easy, safe and enjoyable. It is about saving you time, money and aggravation. You will be well supported throughout your entire business jet ownership experance.


Currently own an aircraft or multiple? Not sure your aircraft are aligned with your current business or personal travel requirements. We can assist with our Fleet Planning Service. We breakdown your trip profile, analyze the financials and look at your current capabilities. We make recommendations, supported with accurate financials on whether you should buy, sell or modify the way you are currently operating aircraft. Proper analysis and planning can save our clients millions of dollars annually by avoiding costly mistakes or a misaligned fleet.



Business Jet Consulting: Services
Business Jet Consulting: Services

For additional information on our Business Jet Consulting services or for information on a bespoke consulting project, please contact us today!

Business Jet Consulting: Text

Just signed a contract for a new aircraft? Need assistance upgrading paint, interior or avionics? Boston Business Jets can provide technical representation to ensure your aircraft is delivered on time, on budget and in excellent condition.

Understanding the options and the programs available is just as important as negotiating the deal. We assist our clients both aircraft owners and non-owners with the acquisition and sale of their fractional aircraft interest. Additionally we can assist with Jet Cards and Membership programs too. We ensure our clients are in the right program, right aircraft and right number of annual hours.

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