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Safety and safety management is paramount! Our team oversees the management of our clients aircraft. We ensure the operator of the aircraft has a well run Safety Management System in place and is in compliance. It is imperative the operator is properly maintaining the aircraft and the crew is receiving exceptional recurrent training. Our oversight provides an extra layer of protection for the owner, the aircraft and the crew. Ensuring your pilots and aircraft are ready to fly you safely to your destination.


Utilizing our vendor relationships and buying power, we can reduce aircraft ownership expenses by passing savings directly to our clients. We provide a fully transparent cost management solution. We get competitive bids for our clients and ensure their interests are represented and aircraft protected. All monthly statements received from the clients aircraft manager are analyzed and audited to ensure our clients aircraft is  being well maintained, maintenance contracts are being funded, fuel discounts applied and no unnecessary expenses are incurred.

Boston Business Jets will help you find the safest and most qualified aircraft manager for your aircraft. Our service does not stop at vetting the manager. We will continue to provide oversight and ensure your aircraft is well maintained, pilots are qualified and expenses are negotiated and verified. Our job is to ensure that you have the best ownership experience possible.

Aircraft Oversight: Services


Our team of aviation experts will ensure your aircraft is clean, well maintained, and ready when you are. It is important to know your aircraft and crew are supported by an orginazation who cares - cares for the client, cares for the crew and cares for the aircraft!


Not having to worry about the details, but always knowing someone has your back. Our clients take comfort in knowing we are always watching out for them and their asset. We are there to keep everyone honest and ensure our clients are receiving the proper care and support they are expecting from the best aircraft managers, crew, and service providers.

Aircraft Oversight: Services

For additional information on our Aircraft Oversight program, and to learn more about how we can safeguard your aircraft and streamline your ownership experience, please contact us today!

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